Work Visa in China: Full 2022 Guide | HROne (2023)

One of the biggest concerns for foreigners and companies hiring foreigners in China is how to apply & obtain Chinese work visas for their foreign employees. Work visa requirements in China are notorious, not so much for its difficulty in terms of prerequisites, but rather due to frequent changes in requirements. The list of documents required by the Chinese government has changed almost every single year since 2016.

At HROne, we like to stay updated so we can keep providing you the most up-to-date information. This article is updated for the China work visa process for 2022.

Work Visa in China: Full 2022 Guide | HROne (1)
  • Basic Requirements for Employee and Employer
  • Steps Involved to Hire Foreigner
  • Restrictions
  • Transferring Work Permits to a New Employer
  • Permanent Residence for Working Staff
  • Permanent Residence for Professional Staff
  • How can HROne be beneficial to your business?

This is a comprehensive guide to understanding all the legal processes necessary to bring your foreign talent to China.

Basic Requirements for Employee and Employer

Recently, China has implemented a more active, open, and effective foreign talent policy. It has simplified the application process, allowing for the majority of the application to be completed online. For employers hiring foreigners in China, it is important to comply with the local laws and regulations regarding expatriates. For instance, employers must be legally established and must have the necessary certifications from the appropriate industry administration.

Foreigners applying for a work visa in China should also match the basic requirements. The applicant must:

  • Have skills and at least 2 years of professional work experience to fill the relevant vacancy.
  • Have no criminal record. A criminal background check issued by the employee’s home country is required.
  • Have a job offer in China aka employer.
  • Hold a valid passport and/or any other required international travel certificates.

Steps Involved to Hire Foreigners

According to the Exit and Entry Administration Law of China, foreigners who want to work in China should obtain a work permit and a work-type residence permit. Below is the general application procedure for foreigners outside of China when applying:

  1. Apply online from outside China for a Foreigner’s Work Permit Notice;
  2. Apply for a Z-Class Visa at a Chinese embassy or consulate;
  3. Turn in Work Permit Notice and Visa Application;
  4. Receive the Visa and Get on the Plane to China;
  5. Temporary Registration with Police;
  6. Medical Verification;
  7. Acquiring the Work Permit;
  8. Acquiring the Resident Permit.
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Step 1: The Chinese Work Notice

The Chinese Work Notice document must be obtained before the working visa can be acquired. It is issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China.

Before the employer in China can obtain the work permit, the following should be prepared and sent:

  1. Scanned copy of your passport information page;
  2. Medical examination report at an authorized hospital;
  3. Recent passport-sized photo;
  4. Reference letter;
  5. Non-criminal record (background check) translated & authenticated by Chinese Embassy/Consulate;
  6. Bachelor’s degree or above translated & authenticated by Chinese Embassy/Consulate;
  7. TEFL/TESOL certificate translated & authenticated by Chinese Embassy/Consulate (only applicable for teaching positions).

The Chinese work permit classification system

In the last few years, the Chinese government has simplified the process for applying for a work permit, by putting everything under the umbrella of one agency, SAFEA (The State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs). SAFEA is also the government agency responsible for work visas, both Z and R visa classifications. Z visas are the normal visas for foreign employees, while R visas are reserved for top-level executives and persons that the Chinese government deems extremely valuable to specific industries that China is lacking in.

Through this system, the future employee and employer can submit the supporting documents electronically. The new online management service system has eliminated almost half of the previously required documents, cutting out submissions like application letters and personal CVs.

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The potential employer initiates the process fromSAFEA’s management system for foreign workers in China (only in Chinese). The employer will submit the following documents:

  • A business license and organization code certificate;
  • The registration form;
  • ID information of the employer/agent who is responsible for the registration;
  • Industry license documents.

Here’s a list of the documents now required from future foreign employees:

  • Foreigner’s Work Permit application form;
  • Passport;
  • ID photo;
  • Verification of past employment;
  • Verification of education or verification of professional qualification;
  • Copy of job contract or appointment letter;
  • Criminal record certificate;
  • Physical examination record; and
  • Information of accompanying members.

If SAFEA is satisfied with the preliminary review, they will require a hard copy of all the documents. That copy of the documents will be forwarded to the Bureau of Public Security (the police department).

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Once the required documents have been submitted through SAFEA’s system, a unique method for assessing the qualifications of foreigners and processing work permit applications is used.

Because the Chinese government wishes to attract top talent and limit the less-skilled types of foreign employees, it has created a three-tiered, points-based system, categorizing foreign employees as follows:

  • Class A – Elite foreign talent;
  • Class B – Professional foreign talent;
  • Class C – Miscellaneous foreigners.

China does not restrict the number of work visas offered to foreigners in Class A. However, there are restrictions on the number of class B and class C visas issued.

How employees are classified

There are two methods for employees to be classified:

  1. Be directly qualified by fulfilling various requirements;
  2. Reaching enough points on a points table.

Direct Qualification

A – Grade Foreign Workers

A foreign employee is considered class A if any of the following conditions are met:

  • They are a recipient of an international award;
  • Selected by China’s talent important plan;
  • Demonstrated entrepreneurial talents;
  • Will take a government-encouraged scarce job; or
  • Selected under the Youth Talent project.

Class-A employees comprise around 16 percent of foreign workers in China. Because they are more desirable to the Chinese government, they enjoy benefits not given to Class-B and Class-C employees. Their application will get approved quicker, so processing times are around five working days.

They also can make use of paperless verification during the application process. They also are not subject to the usual requirements of age, education degree, or work experience. Generally, Class-A employees can enjoy a more convenient environment, before, during, and after the application process.

B – Grade Foreigners Workers

Foreigners will receive a B classification if they meet any of the following conditions:

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  • Hold a bachelor’s degree and have at least two years of work experience;
  • Has a master’s degree from a university in mainland China;
  • Holds a master’s degree from a top 100 institution worldwide as ranked by Jiao Tong University;
  • For foreign language teachers, has a bachelor’s degree or higher, no less than two years experience of teaching the language, and the language being instructed is the applicant’s native language.

B-Class employees make up around 61 percent of expats in China. Compared to Class As, they can find it more difficult to obtain a work permit in industries already saturated with foreign workers.

C – Grade Foreign Workers

Finally, class C employees are considered so if:

  • They are domestic helpers hired by class A employees;
  • They enter China for an internship under a government agreement;
  • They are in China for seasonal employment.

C-Class employees make up around 22 percent of expats. This is the category company representatives placed abroad for a few months usually fall in, as well as those entering China under Chinese government young talent initiatives. They are subject to the needs of the labor market, and C-Class permits are usually valid for shorter periods of time. It also takes longer for them to get processed.

Points-Based Qualification

Another way for foreign employees to be classified is by using the table provided. Each of the classes has a corresponding number of points: above 85 points for Class A, 60 to 85 points for Class B, and below 60 points for class C.

SAFEA oversees scoring foreign employee candidates based on ten factors.

Work Visa in China: Full 2022 Guide | HROne (4)

Step 2: Apply for a Z-Class Visa

The Z visa only lasts for 30 days. Things needed to obtain:

  1. Completed visa application form (should be filled out online in advance and printed);
  2. One recent passport-size photo;
  3. Actual passport;
  4. Work Permit (provided by the employer in China);
  5. Any other required documents.

Step 3: Turn in work permit notice and Z-Class Visa application

Take the work permit received and the Z-visa application to the appropriate Chinese Embassy/Consulate for the area. A consulate is basically a smaller embassy, a sub-embassy. It will take 2 to 5 days to process.

*If you are in the U.S., the application must personally be turned into the appropriate Embassy/Consulate for the State the employee lives in. If it is inconvenient to go to the Embassy/Consulate personally, a third-party service

Here is the complete list of Chinese Diplomatic Missions around the world.

Step 4: Receive the Visa and get on the plane to China!

The expectation as the company doing the hiring is usually to provide the flights for the employee and their family.

Work Visa in China: Full 2022 Guide | HROne (5)

Step 5: Temporary registration with Police (Must be done within 24 hours of arrival to China)

If the employee stays at a local hotel, they may be able to register there. But if they are staying with a Chinese resident, whether they are a foreign resident or not, they must register at the local police station that governs the area. The following documents need to be brought to the police station:

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  1. The actual passport, not a photocopy;
  2. The housing contract;
  3. A copy of the landlord’s ID and phone number. The police may call the landlord to make sure you are truly living at the apartment, or they may even ask that the landlord shows up with the employee.

According to official rules, registration at the local police station should be done within 24 hours of entering China.

Step 6: Medical Verification (Must be done as soon as possible after the entry into China)

Every major city in China should have an International Travel Healthcare Center. This Chinese Government website provides a list of Centers. For the most part, Chinese authorities don’t accept an English version of a medical report from other countries, so it must be translated. If the company hiring the employee in China has a Chinese staff member capable of translating, and if the medical check has been fully completed in another country, there is no need to get another medical check. However, if not fully completed, the employee will need to get another medical check within China.

Things to bring if you need a Chinese medical checkup:

  • An original medical checkup from your country (if it is partially completed)
  • Cash (could be up to 600RMB)
  • One ID Photo which meets these requirements:
    • Taken within the last 6 months, against a white background, printed on high-quality paper;
    • 48mm by 33mm wide, not 2 by 2 inches, which is usually used outside of China;
    • Full frontal view of the head, not smiling, face fully visible;
    • The photo cannot show any evidence of adhesive tape or staples.

*The applicant should not drink coffee or alcohol the night before and shouldn’t eat breakfast or drink water the day of.

Step 7: Acquiring the Work Permit

Before obtaining the residence permit, a work certificate must be acquired. Again, if the company has Chinese staff, they can help obtain it. The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security oversees this process. The following documents must be submitted:

  1. The actual passport;
  2. An ID photo (same requirements as for the medical checkup);
  3. The police housing registration form as obtained from before;
  4. Medical report verification;
  5. Other documents from the company.

The processing time is typically 10 business days to get the work certificate.

Step 8: Acquiring the Resident Permit

Finally, the end goal: a resident permit! To obtain this, the employee must go in person to the local Exit-Entry Administration Bureau, bringing these documents:

  1. The actual passport;
  2. Police housing registration form;
  3. Resident permit application forms;
  4. ID photo;
  5. Original work certificate;
  6. Other documents for the company.

The processing time for the resident permit will be 7 business days. The Exit-Entry Administration Bureau will hold onto the actual passport during this period and will give the employee a receipt that can serve as a replacement passport during this time.

Now that the employee has obtained the resident permit, they are, for most intensive purposes, considered a resident of China! They are free to travel around China and can come and go from China as often as they wish, without needing any extra paperwork. Without a resident permit, a foreign employee cannot stay in China long term.


Foreigners who study or perform internships cannot be legally employed, as well as dependents of foreigners who hold a work permit. Employers must sign a legal contract with foreign employees, the agreement cannot be under the table. Additionally, employers cannot even engage employees in language training. Although there are a lot of steps to obtain a residence permit, the consequences of not following the proper legal procedure just explained are serious.

Transferring Work Permits to a New Employer

When a foreign talent is hired by a new company, their work permits must be canceled and renewed. The reason for this is that in China, employees’ Work Visas are tied to their company of employment. The employer has access to an electronic system to cancel the employee’s work permit. There are two forms the employer should fill out:

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  • “Proof of Cancellation of Work Permit for Foreigners Working in China”
  • “Application Form for Cancellation of Foreigner’s Work Permit”

The former employer should apply to cancel the work permit within 10 working days from when employment ceases. The cancellation certificate will include the reason for the cancellation of the work permit.

Next, the new work permit should be applied for. Important application documents for this purpose held by the employee include a letter of release and a work permit cancellation certificate. Also, applicants need proof of relevant work experience from previous employers and a bachelor’s degree or above.

Work Visa in China: Full 2022 Guide | HROne (6)

Changes in Visa

Whenever a foreign employee changes positions in China, they will need to get a new work permit. However, whether they must change their visa depends on two situations:

Situation A: The same occupation, but a new employer

The employee can stay in China during the application process and does not need a new Z or R visa. However, the employee’s resident permit must remain valid during the transfer of positions.

Situation B: A new occupation, and a new employer

A change in both occupation and employer requires the employee to leave China and re-enter with a new R or Z Visa. The logic behind this is that since the employer is switching occupations, they must again prove to the government that they are qualified to work in China in a new position.

The government has not made completely clear what is defined as a new occupation. However, it can be somewhat deduced by the magnitude of the job change. If an employee is currently a teacher and is becoming a consultant, it is apparent that the new job is completely different. If there is still uncertainty, the local Entry/Exit Bureau or Labor Bureau should be contacted, as it is the local authority that will ultimately make the decision of whether a new Visa is needed or not.

Permanent Residence Permit for Working Staff

Those who have worked in Shanghai continuously for 4 years with an annual salary income (before tax) exceeding RMB 600,000 and have paid annual individual tax exceeding RMB 120,000, and stay in mainland China for no less than 6 months every year in this 4 years; can apply for permanent residence in China with the present employer’s recommendation.

The foreign spouse and their unmarried children under 18 years old of the above applicants can apply for permanent residence together.

Permanent Residence Permit for Senior / Professional Staff

Applicants are eligible for permanent residence if they are employed in the following 5 types of organizations and hold positions of chairman, vice chairman, general manager, deputy general manager, or have titles of associate professor, associate researcher, and above, and have worked consecutively for 4 years (residence in China no less than 3 years). and have good tax records:

  • Research institutes of the State Council or Shanghai Municipal People’s Government or public institutions with administrative management or functions.
  • Key universities (“211 Project” schools and the first batch of admissions colleges).
  • Enterprises and institutions that undertake the task of national key projects or major scientific and technological projects
  • High-tech enterprises, encouraged foreign-invested enterprises, foreign invested advanced technology enterprises, or foreign-invested product export enterprises.
  • Enterprises and institutions like national laboratories, national key laboratories, national engineering laboratories, national engineering research centers, national accredited enterprise technology centers, national engineering technology research centers, or foreign-funded R&D centers.

The foreign spouse and their unmarried children under 18 years old of the above foreign applicants can apply for permanent residence together.

How can HROne be beneficial to your business?

As you can tell, there’s a lot that goes into the process of obtaining a Work Visa for your foreign employees in China. Even in the last few years, the regulations involved have changed significantly. Many companies chose to outsource the process to Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) located within China. HROne is the top non-state-owned company providing this type of service for the Chinese market. We can handle the complete visa requirement process for your company’sexpatriateemployees in China. We ensure that compliance with the latest regulations in China is met by providing you with a team well-versed in the Chinese system.

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In addition to helping you with Work Visas, we are a one-stop-shop for all administrative employment solutions companies may require in China. We provide office space in major cities, employ tax and accounting specialists, and have a team of legal experts ready to deal with any issues that may arise navigating through the Chinese system.

More and more companies are implementing a new strategy for doing business in China by directly hiring expatriate employees via HROne through ourspecializedEmployment Services.This service enables the foreign companies todo business in Chinawithout setting up any legal company in China, as the employee works for the foreign company while hired and administered by HROne.


How do I get a visa for China in 2022? ›

Please fill out your visa application form and make a reservation online through Please DON'T forget to print out your visa application form as well as the reservation form in advance before submitting your application at the scheduled time.

Can I get a work visa for China now? ›

The requirements to get a work visa can vary based on the type of visa. However, most Chinese visa applications need a passport, photograph, health certificate, and official employment license from the Chinese authorities. As of June 6, 2022, China has waived the special invitation letter requirement for work visas.

How long does it take to get a working visa in China? ›

It takes around 4 to 6 weeks to secure a work permit.

What visa do I need to work in China? ›

China Work visa (Z Visa) is issued to those who have obtained employment permit and intend to work in China. A Chinese government issued working permit or employment license is required. Z visa is usually issued for one entry with duration of stay of 000 (means to be determined).

How much is a work visa for China? ›

China Employment Visa Fees
US CitizensCanadian CitizensAustralian Citizens
USD 140CAD 142AUD 109.5
26 Feb 2022

How much does a Chinese visa cost? ›

The standard Chinese Visa cost for United States citizens is $140. But the cost varies depending on the number of entries and based on the country that grants your passport. Some small additional fees such as service fees and taxes can increase the final cost of a China visa cost.

Is it hard to get a work visa in China? ›

Work visa requirements in China are notorious, not so much for its difficulty in terms of prerequisites, but rather due to frequent changes in requirements. The list of documents required by the Chinese government has changed almost every single year since 2016.

What is Category A work permit in China? ›

The applications for Class A are approved faster than the other two categories. The Class A applicants are also given the leverage to not provide any Diploma or Police Clearance Certificate. In addition to this, only a Class A work permit allows employees above 60 years old.

How long does work visa in China last? ›

Though this visa only allows a stay duration of 30 days, it allows you to remain in China while you and your employer seek a temporary residence permit for the duration of your contract.

How do I get a work permit notice in China? ›

Go to the Chinese Embassy for temporary work Visa Z

The foreigner needs to go to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate and submit the Notification Letter of the Foreigner's work permit and documents related. Meanwhile, all the documents should be notarized by the Chinese embassy.

Do you need a degree to get a work visa in China? ›

Usually you will need a proper master degree or a different university degree with work experience. With the new rules it seems to be easier now to get the permit without any degree, but experience and a proper existing work contract.

Can I work in China on a tourist visa? ›

You cannot work in China on a tourist visa. A proof of accommodation is required to obtain the travel document. The dates in this document MUST match the travel dates selected in the application. This is a requirement that is demanded by the government in order to issue the travel document.

Can I change my tourist visa to work visa in China? ›

It is possible for foreigners who have entered into China with a tourist (L) or a business (F) visa to apply for a work visa (Z) in China.

Are you eligible to work in China? ›

have a bachelor's degree or above and two years of experience. be certified or have a skill that is urgently needed in the labor market. teach a foreign language or hold a bachelor's degree or above in education.

How long does it take to process a working visa? ›

How Long Does It Take to Get a Work Visa? In general, it takes about two to seven months for the USCIS to process a work permit application. The time your work visa processes will highly depend on the type of visa you applied for. However, with extensive backlogs, there are longer wait times for obtaining work visas.

Is China accepting visa applications? ›

The Chinese embassy in India has also updated the “Application Procedures and Material Requirements of China Visa”, to be implemented starting August 24, 2022. The Chinese embassy in India has updated the “Application Procedures and Material Requirements of China Visa”, to be implemented starting August 24, 2022.

Is a visa the same as a work permit? ›

The difference between visa and work permit is that visa is a document acquired by an individual to enter a specific country whereas work permit is an employment letter issued by an employer to the employee needed for entering the country.

How much is a 10-year Chinese visa? ›

The cost of a 10-year visa is the same as other short-term visas for US citizens. The $140+ fee will only have to be paid once and then you're covered for 10 years.

How long does it take to get a Chinese visa? ›

Chinese Visa application Service Centre will submit your application to the Consulate-General of the People's Republic China in Calgary for processing. A visa typically takes four working days to process if all the accompanying documents meet the requirements.

Is my 10-year China visa valid? ›

For US citizens, the 10-year China visa is still valid and they can enter China by carrying both your old and new passports, provided that the personal details on both passports are consistent.

How long can you stay in China after work permit is Cancelled? ›

Once both permits are cancelled, a Humanitarian Visa will be issued and placed in the individual's passport. Under the Humanitarian Visa, one may remain in China up to 30 calendar days upon receipt of the visa.

How do I get a work visa for Shanghai? ›

Foreigners shall match the normal requirement of employment in law, such as 1) 18-60 age for male and 18-55 age for female; 2) be in good health; 3) no criminal record; 4) definitive employer;4) Valid passport. 3. The employer shall mail the document above and original Employment License to the employee oversea.

What is R visa in China? ›

China Talent visa (R Visa) is issued to those who are high-level qualified talents or whose skills are urgently needed by China. A Chinese government issued Confirmation Letter for High Level Foreign Talents is required. R visa is usually issued for multiple entry and valid for 5-10 years.

How much does a work visa cost? ›

USCIS Standard Fees
CategoryUSCIS fees in U.S. dollars (valid until further notice)
I-129 (Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker)$ 460
I-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker$ 700
I-539 Application to Extend / Change Nonimmigrant Status$ 370
I-765 Application for Employment Authorization$ 410
1 more row

How long does a work visa last? ›

How long is a work permit valid for? Work permits issued through the adjustment of status (AOS) process are valid for two years. This applies to initial (first-time) EADs through adjusting stats, as well as renewal EADs while the AOS application is still pending.

Do employers pay for work visas? ›

A lot of people looking to secure U.S. work visas like the H-1B wonder who pays the fees: the employer or the prospective employee? Generally speaking, the employer must pay for the attorney fees and government filing fees associated with the H-1B petition and Labor Condition Application.

Can I work with S1 visa in China? ›

China S1 visa is issued to those who intend to go to China to live with the immediate family member working or studying in China, or to those who intend to go to China for other private affairs. "Immediate family members" refers to spouses, parents, sons or daughters under the age of 18 or parents-in-law.

How do I become a permanent resident of China? ›

Here are the primary documents needed for the permanent residence application:
  1. Complete Application Form for Permanent Residence in China;
  2. Valid passports and valid visas (or resident permit);
  3. Health certificates issued by a domestic entry-exit inspection authority and issued within the last six months;
21 Apr 2022

What are the visa types for China? ›

China Visa Types
  • Tourist Visa (L) Issued to those who intend to go to China for touring and sightseeing. ...
  • Business Visa (M) ...
  • Non-Commerce Visa (F) ...
  • Work Visa (Z) ...
  • Study Visa (X1/X2) ...
  • Private Visa (S1, Long Term) ...
  • Private Visa (S2, Short Term) ...
  • Family Visa (Q1, Long Term)

How can I get China visa now? ›

Tourist Application Requirements for a China Visa
  1. Passport. You must provide your actual signed passport, including one copy of the personal information page of your passport. ...
  2. Photographs. ...
  3. Letter of Invitation. ...
  4. Proof of State Residency. ...
  5. CIBTvisas Order Form. ...
  6. Travel Record. ...
  7. Health Declaration. ...
  8. Authorization Letter.

Where do I get China Visa? ›

Visit the Chinese embassy, consulate or Chinese Visa Application Center (CVASC) which serves your residence area. You can show up in person or ask an agent to do this for you. In some consular offices and CVASCs, mail service is also available.

How do I get a tourist visa for China? ›

The tourism visa requires your passport to be valid for at least 6 months and it must have at least two blank pages. You must also have an invitation letter from a china travel agency or an individual or round-trip tickets and a hotel booking. The China Embassy has suspended visa services for Tourist visas.

Can I get a China visa online? ›

Apply China Visa Online to the Chinese Embassy and Consulate

After careful check, save and submit the application form. The form cannot be changed once it is submitted. ③ Print the completed form out, sign and date it. ⑤ Arrive at the the embassy visa office at least 20 minutes in advance.

Did China cancel all visas? ›

In view of the rapid global spread of COVID-19, China has decided to temporarily suspend the entry of foreign nationalities with currently valid visas or residence permits, as of 28th March 2020 0:00 am. Entry of foreign nationalities with APEC Business Travel Cards will be suspended as well.

Is it difficult to get a Chinese visa? ›

Remember that it can be hard to obtain a Chinese tourist visa from an embassy or consulate outside your home country. Caravanistan publishes a useful list of which Chinese embassies accept applications from third-country citizens.

Is it easy to get a Chinese visa? ›

The application for the Chinese Tourist 10-year Visa is really easy. It has only three steps: The first step will ask you to fill in your general information. You also need to choose the processing time from the options mentioned above.

How long is China visa valid? ›

The Chinese visa is typically valid for three months. If you apply for a visa too early, the visa may expire before your departure. For instance, if you plan to enter China on July 1, the best time to submit your application would be around June 1 (counting working days only).

How long can I stay in China? ›

Tourist visas are typically offered on a single-entry, double-entry, or multiple-entry basis with the duration of stay ranging from 30 days to 90 days. Citizens from the US and Canada may be eligible for multiple-entry L-Visas valid for 10 years.

Is 10 years Chinese visa still valid? ›

The "10-year Chinese Visa" is multi-year and multi-entry business, tourism, and family-visit visa issued for Canadians who meet the requirements in terms of the agreement on facilitation of people-to-people exchanges between China and Canada on March 9, 2015. The visa is valid for up to 10 years.

What are the visa types for China? ›

China Visa Types
  • Tourist Visa (L) Issued to those who intend to go to China for touring and sightseeing. ...
  • Business Visa (M) ...
  • Non-Commerce Visa (F) ...
  • Work Visa (Z) ...
  • Study Visa (X1/X2) ...
  • Private Visa (S1, Long Term) ...
  • Private Visa (S2, Short Term) ...
  • Family Visa (Q1, Long Term)

Which countries can visit China without visa? ›

A citizen of Singapore, Brunei or Japan with an ordinary passport is exempted from a visa if he or she visits China's mainland for tourism, business, or meeting with friends or relatives, and if he or she enters China through ports open to foreigners, and stays for no more than 15 days.

What is Q2 visa? ›

Q2 visa is issued to those who intend to visit relatives who are Chinese citizens residing in China or foreigners with permanent residence in China; the intended duration of stay is limited to no more than 180 days.

Can I get Chinese visa same day? ›

The China Embassy and Consulate General only accept applications submitted in person. Processing your China travel visa takes 4 business days for regular service and 2-3 business days for express service. Same day rush visa processing is available for an additional fee.

Are China 10 year visa suspended? ›

If I have a valid Chinese visa with multiple-entry and 10-year validity, can I use it to travel to China now? No, you can't. The arrangement during the COVID-19 pandemic on temporary suspending for foreign nationals holding valid Chinese visas to enter the country is still in effect.

How do I contact the Chinese Embassy? ›

Embassy of China in Washington, D.C., United States
  1. Address.
  2. 3505 International Place, NW. Washington, D.C. 20008. United States.
  3. (+1) 202-495 2266.
  4. (+1) 202-328 2582. (+1) 202-495 2138.
  8. Monday-Friday: 09:00-17:30.
2 Apr 2022


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