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Why Ueno is the good neighborhood to live in Tokyo? Ueno just has it all, shopping streets and market, nightlife, parks, museums, efficient transport system, and more.

It’s more important than ever that we have a place to live with easy access to the things that matter. The closer we are to open spaces, food markets, and transport have become essential factors we take into consideration.

Why Ueno is the good place to live in Tokyo?

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Photo by Marcellin Bric on Unsplash

In the intersection of those three vital services lies Ueno. Ueno is one of the most well-known areas of Tokyo for Japanese and Tourists alike.

Many flocks to Ueno for their open-air market. Ame-yoko is a Japanese-style shopping street known for its lively merchants singing out discounts like auctioneers, with food stalls of just about any sort all around.

This is a very foreigner-friendly, safe area as well. While of course, we don’t recommend wandering into any park alone at night, Ueno is surprisingly safe, as many choose to go west for their partying.

Ueno’s food culture is incredible– with the market so close by, it’s easy to find something for everyone.

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What is Ueno known for?

Renting an apartment in Ueno doesn’t stop at the essentials. This hub contains most of Tokyo’s museums, including the Museum of Japanese Art and the Museum of Natural Science.

It also contains the famous Ueno Zoo at the other end of the giant park complex. Ueno Zoo’s pandas are a source of delight worldwide, with a surprisingly big park to enjoy.

The park itself is a gathering place for many festivals– you’d be hard-pressed to find a weekend without something new to explore. There are often food or produce stalls from different specialized areas around Japan.

In addition, Ueno Toshogu shrine includes a famous peony garden, not to mention the extraordinary architecture. This picturesque spot is one of the few to have remained unharmed through both World War II and the Great Kanto Earthquake.

All these make it a great location for those with kids or looking to start a family. Kids need exposure to the outdoors to learn and grow, and you’d be frankly hard-pressed to find a better entertainment center.

Ueno shopping, eat, nightlife

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While we’ve touched on Ame-yoko before, it’s a destination as an eating spot is not to be missed either. Ameyoko is full of stalls from all over the world and can be a haven for those looking for a quick break from Japanese fair to enjoy a boba or a kebab.

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That’s not to say the food isn’t excellent, however. Cheap restaurants abound to fill the needs of shoppers and shopkeepers alike, so don’t be surprised if you see a deal, as many go right to the market for their ingredients.

If you’re looking for a hard-to-find Japanese ingredient or some truly precious tea, there’s a stall for that. Nightlife is vibrant too, with karaoke bars and hostess clubs open late into the night, far after the last train. In Ueno, things to do are everywhere– it just takes a sharp eye to find an unexpected experience.

Ueno station connection

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Ueno station is one of the most convenient in Tokyo. It has an impressive location in downtown Tokyo that makes it an essential stop on the cross-city routes with the existing infrastructure of some of Tokyo’s first train and subways. This also makes it a common stop for Shinkansen as well.


  • Tohoku Shinkansen
  • Yamagata Shinkansen
  • Akita Shinkansen
  • Joetsu Shinkansen
  • Hokuriku Shinkansen
  • Hokkaido Shinkansen
  • Utsunomiya Line
  • Takasaki Line
  • Jōban Line
  • Ueno–Tokyo Line
  • Keihin-Tōhoku Line
  • Keisei Line (Keisei-Ueno special station)
  • Yamanote Line
  • Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
  • Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line


  • Shibuya – 30 minutes by Yamanote Line
  • Shinjuku – 26 minutes by Yamanote Line
  • Roppongi – 32 minutes by Hibiya/Chiyoda Line
  • Ginza – 16 minutes by Ginza Line
  • Haneda Airport – 33 minutes by Yamanote Line and Monorail
  • Narita Airport – 40 minutes by Keisei Line Skyliner Special Express

But with all of these conveniences ready for you, is it possible there are still Ueno apartments for rent? Well, lucky for you, that’s our job, and we’ve done it: this list is the best of our current listings of serviced apartments in Ueno.

Why serviced apartments are recommended?

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Photo by La Miko on Pexels

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Moving to Tokyo, one of your first concerns is probably regarding a place to live. One of the easiest ways to find one is probably by using a traditional hotel which tends to be often costly.
We, therefore, propose the usage of a Serviced Apartments due to its more affordable prices with the other benefits summarised below;

  • Fully equipped with furniture and daily electronic devices.
  • No upfront cost of renting (Most Real Estate Agencies in Japan tend to charge initial costs before moving into an apartment).
  • Often provide concierge services like hotels.
  • Routine housekeeping services.
  • All-inclusive rent (Utility and internet fees are all included in the rent)
  • A Guarantor or a Rental Guarantor is not required.

Overall, Serviced Apartments are a smart and relatively cheaper way to live in Tokyo.

Best service apartments in Ueno Tokyo

Best Serviced Apartments in Ueno - Expat Life Japan | MetroResidences (6)The Parkhabio 3-Negishi Studio

This is one of the sleekest newest studios in Tokyo. Already furnished with top-grade appliances as well as basic household goods, this layout includes a separating door between the kitchen and bedroom, for just a little more privacy. While small for two people, the double bed means you won’t be too cramped if a special someone comes to visit. The location is excellent as well, with just a four-minute walk to the Hibiya and Yamanote Lines.

Best Serviced Apartments in Ueno - Expat Life Japan | MetroResidences (7)Galicia Ryogoku 1br Executive Room

This is another beautiful executive class studio. Just a little farther downriver in Ryogoku, this location is a sumo-lover’s paradise with the stadium in your backyard. With convenience stores and supermarkets less than a five-minute walk away, this is a great location for cooks and microwavers alike. The view of the incredible Tokyo Skytree is not to be missed.

Galicia Morishita Studio 102

Located conveniently on the Oedo Line, this a great space to enjoy the quieter neighborhood of Morishita while still having easy access to business centers like Roppongi (only 15 minutes by train). This is a little larger than many of the other studio options, with a beautiful little patch of grass to sit with your feet in on a hot summer day. Washing machine and bathroom-dryer functions are also included.

Galicia Kikukawa Esutudio Studio 703

This studio has a gorgeous layout– the dark wood floors and kitchen combined with the abundance of natural light give it a chic, urban feel difficult to find in Japanese studios. Just 8 minutes walk from Kikukawa station, enjoy the view of quiet suburban Tokyo from your 7th-floor vantage point.

Best Serviced Apartments in Ueno - Expat Life Japan | MetroResidences (10)

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Residence Tokyo Shinokachimachi 1r

You really can’t get any closer to the action than this location in Shin-Okachimachi. Less than a ten-minute walk from Ameyoko and central Ueno, this is a shopper’s paradise. While still a studio, this intelligent layout feels a little more like studios in the West, with a small alcove in the corner of the room for a bed. Access is also killer, with Shin-okachimachi on the Oedo Line and Nakaokachimachi on the Hibiya Line


It’s no wonder everyone wants to rent an apartment in Ueno, with Tokyo’s best traits all around! Ueno has:

・Amazing nightlife
・Great food and shopping
・Super convenient for commuters and explorers alike!

For even more enjoyment and convenience, all of the apartments we’ve included are serviced apartments. Serviced apartments are by far the simplest way to set up your life in Tokyo.

Benefits include:

・All-inclusive rent (Fully furnished, daily electronic devices, utility and WiFi fees)
・Guarantor/Rental Guarantor, upfront cost of renting are NOT required
・Routine housekeeping services

If you are looking for more information about serviced apartments or monthly mansions in Tokyo, MetroResidences is here to make sure your living situation is convenient, safe, and easy.

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